Book Blogger Q&A: Alchemy of Scrawl

Coral from Alchemy of Scrawl became the 12th blogger to contribute to our Q&A series.

Here are her responses:

How long have you been a blogger?

I’ve been blogging since 2004-2005, but Alchemy of Scrawl is the first blog that I’ve really tried to put out there and promote.

Approximately, how many books do you read every year?

I have always had a book under my arm, since I learned how to read. Now I’m going through a bunch of eBooks for my Book Review site. Most are fast-paced and entertaining that I can finish in a week/week and a half. I’ve had a couple that take a month. I’ve scheduled myself 12 books a month… The jury is still out on whether I can keep up that pace or not.

What were your favourite books as a child?

The Green Meadow series. Our library had the whole set and I couldn’t wait to get to the library to check a new one out.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’ve finished my reading early for May, so I’m relaxing with Telling Lies for Fun and Profit by Lawrence Block and have my Indie books for June ready to go on my Kindle.

If you had to pick one, what’s the best book you’ve read in the last twelve months?

I have been really impressed with the quality of Indie books that have come my way. A short story by TM Camp called Matters of Mortology is probably the one that has stuck with me this year.

Who are your three favourite authors?

Leo Tolstoy, Mehta Gehta, Tom Robbins, Mark Z Danielewski, oops that’s four.

Which book has had the greatest impact on your life?

The Bible and The River Sutra by Gita Mehta.

Which book are you most eagerly anticipating?

I’m booked up until November with reading/reviewing and some of those stories look really good! I’m eagerly awaiting the next big series in my life.

If you had to invite some book characters round for dinner, who would you choose and why?

Any from a Tom Robbins novel. A dinner would be wildly entertaining with any of his characters.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?

In the beginning, a blog is a HUGE time SUCK! So you had better pick something you really, really, really like to blog about. I have a lot of resources for newbie bloggers (like me) at this blog post.

Which other book blogs do you recommend?

There are so many good ones out there, covering all kinds of topics! I would head over to BookBlogs to find the perfect one for you. Also Mah Peeps have some pretty good blogs that I enjoy and try to visit every couple of weeks.

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