The Book Base Reloaded

When I started The Book Base I was intending to include a mixture of book reviews, interviews and other book-related articles and features. At the moment though, the blog’s content is mostly made up of interviews. My Book Blogger Q&A series is going really well, but I don’t want this to be all that my blog contains, or the only thing The Book Base is known for.

I don’t feel like my readers know me very well because I don’t think that The Book Base is a true expression of my own personality. In fact, the more Q&As I post, the more I can feel my own voice becoming lost or drowned out. I don’t want to stop interviewing bloggers as I really love finding out about their reading habits and favourite books, but I am going to take some steps to re-establish my own identity on The Book Base.

After giving this some thought, I’ve come up with the following plan of action:

  1. The next book blogger I interview for my Q&A series will be me! I’m going to put myself in the spotlight and respond to my own questions. Hopefully this will allow you to find out a bit more about my reading tastes and background. (Update: Check out my Q&A responses here)
  2. I’m going to work out a posting schedule to ensure that the content on The Book Base becomes more varied. I particularly want to include more book reviews. I’ll post about the schedule in more detail once I’ve got it completely sorted.
  3. I’m going to take part in some reading challenges to force me to make more time for my reading.

Hopefully these steps will begin to restore some balance to my blog. I’m not totally unhappy about what’s gone before, so I’m not thinking of this as a fresh start, but rather an opportunity to make some changes and adjustments before it’s too late.

If you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions, I’d be really glad to hear them.

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