Celebrity Reader Interview: Tim Vine

The British comedian, Tim Vine, kindly agreed to answer some questions for The Book Base about his reading habits and favourite books.

Here are his responses:

Tim VineWhat were your favourite books as a child?

There was an annual called Bimbo who was a little bear I think. I loved that. I also found the Tintin books utterly captivating. It’s still a source of slight sadness that they aren’t producing any new ones.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the last twelve months?

I have to confess I’m not a devourer of books. I read newspapers and biographies mainly. I just read a book by a comedian called Andy Kind. It’s called Stand Up and Deliver, and I really enjoyed it.

Who are your three favourite authors?

Hmm…now you’re asking. I don’t really have a favourite author. It probably sounds like I walk around on my knuckles. I don’t, well… only on the weekends. (Here are my four favourites: Rowan Williams, Bob Gass, Danny Wallace and Shaun Levy.)

When and where do you do most of your reading?

I like reading in the sun or on a train, so in an ideal situation I would like someone to invent a train convertible.

Approximately how many books do you read every year?

Two. Don’t judge me. I read lots of other stuff too; articles, obituaries… sign posts.

Which books on comedy would you recommend?

Steve Martin – Born Standing Up. It rang so many bells with me regarding life as a clubbing comedian (although he lost me a bit when he started playing football stadiums). It also made me cry. It’s my favourite book on stand up.

What are you reading at the moment?

Unseen Elvis. It’s a fantastic book filled with photos that Elvis fans took of Elvis. The amateurish nature of the photographs make Elvis jump off the page like I could have been there. It makes him look like an actual human.

Which book has had the biggest impact on your life?

The Bible, although I don’t understand all of it. I like the Dictionary too.

Thanks to Tim for taking the time to contribute to The Book Base. Check out his great website and follow him on Twitter.

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