Author Interview: Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow, author of the TimeRiders series, answered some questions for The Book Base.

Here are his responses:

What were some of your favourite books when you were a child?

Tintin books, and novels by Stephen King.

Which of your books was the most difficult to write? Why?

Eternal War because it was dealing with the subject of slavery and rascism in a way that was acceptable and palatable.

Which of your characters is most like you?

Liam (from the TimeRiders series). I really need to grow up a bit!

How do you write your books? Do you plot and plan in detail, or do you develop an idea as you are writing?

I plan in great detail. I have all nine books in the series carefully laid out in synopsis. Primarily because I needed to know how it all ends before I could start!

Where do you write your books?

In Starbucks! (I get so lonely writing at home).

Why do you enjoy writing for children?

Because you can push the boundaries of a genre further out. Adult readers seem to be far more conservative in their tastes.

What advice would you give to a young writers to help them to improve their stories?

The biggest tip I can give is this:

Make sure you have an ending in mind before you start. That way your story has a direction of travel to help you pull through.

Check out Alex’s website (which also features his novelist brother, Simon Scarrow), and follow him on Twitter.

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