Sunday, November 8

Michael Morpurgo: Facts and Trivia

Michael Morpurgo

Here are some facts about Michael Morpurgo, the UK children’s author of War HorseKensuke’s KingdomThe Butterfly Lion and Private Peaceful (to name just a few).

  • Several of Michael Morpurgo’s books feature wars and conflicts, and Michael’s interest in military matters developed at an early age. His Uncle Peter died at the controls of a bomber plane, and his Uncle Francis was the leader of a French Resistance cell.
  • Michael enjoys watching television, particularly documentaries.
  • Michael Morpurgo doesn’t read all of the reviews of his books that appear in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and on the internet. He used to, but he kept forgetting the praise and focused too much on the negatives.
  • Elephants are his favourite animal.
  • His favourite writers are Ted Hughes (the poet), Rudyard Kipling, and Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island.
  • Michael can only write when it’s really quiet.

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